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28 Black History Month Activities

Updated: Jun 21

Black History Month, for parents and educators can present a wonderful opportunity to discuss and expose race, civil rights, artists, musicians, authors, food, public figures, and so on to celebrate the groundbreaking impact that Black History paved for so many. Educating children from a young age about the many achievements of Black History and how it has shaped cultures worldwide, provides for concrete learning experiences that permit children to build an understanding that will impact their learning, attitudes, and beliefs about diversity and multicultural education.

To gear up for Black History Month here are 20 Black History Month Activities. Stay tuned for some new upcoming ones in the next couple of weeks.

1. Black is Beautiful

2.Invitation to Explore Black History Music with a Record Player

3. Invitation to Explore the Black History of Farming

4. Invitation to Frame Kehinde Wiley Art with Loose Parts

5. Color Match Amy Sherald's Art

6. The Hill We Climb STEM Invitation

7. Alma Woodsey Thomas Loose Parts Play

8. Invitation to Explore Science

9. Invitation to Color Jean-Michel Basquiat

10. Kamala and Maya's Big Idea Small Play World Sensory Bin

11. Invitation to Create Mix Media Art

12. Invitation to Create Marsha P. Johnson Flower Crowns

13. Southwest Sunrise

14. Invitation to Paint like Stevie Wonder

15. Invitation to Paint My Rainbow

16. The Old Truck Small World Play

17. Invitation to Paint Billie Holiday

18. Invitation to Create Many Shapes of Clay

19. Invitation to Plant Growth to Dream

20. Invitation to Paint the Blues

21. Reginald Laurent Collage Art

22. Alma Woodsey Thomas Textured Water Color Art

23. Two Ways to Create like Jean-Michel Basquiat

24. Simone Legit Sculptures

25. The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Guitar Process Art Painting

26. Collaborative Howardena Pindell Circle Collage

27. Alma Woodsey Thomas Art 3 Ways

28. Invitation to Paint the Blues with Musical Paint Brushes

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