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Simone Leigh Sculptures

Educating children from a young age about the many achievements of Black History and how it has shaped cultures worldwide, provides for concrete learning experiences that permit children to build an understanding that will impact their learning, attitudes, and beliefs about diversity and multicultural education.

Simone Leigh the artist, makes mixed media-sculptures and installations, as well as videos, through which she positions the beauty and complexity of blackness. She was born in 1967 in Chicago and received her bachelor’s degree in art and philosophy. She has made history as the first Black woman ever to represent the United Stated at the Venice Biennale in 2022. She has risen to the status of the one of the top artists working today. Introducing children to such an empowering artist is great way to expose them to the beauty and importance of her art as well as celebrating her amazing accomplishments during #blackhistorymonth.

To inspire a child to recreate some of her monumental sculptures and art, print images of her work and display them to provoke & inspire the child to create. Provide recycled materials, straw, clay, tempera paint, glue, and paintbrushes. Invite the child to create just like Simone Leigh.

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