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Alma Woodsey Thomas Art 3 Ways

Alma Woodsey Thomas was an American artist and educator whose exuberant colorful paintings used the techniques of pointillism and...

Collaborative Circle Collage

Howardena Pindell is an American painter, filmmaker, and mixed media artist. Her work explores texture, color, structures, and is often...

Reginald Laurent Collage Art

Reginald Laurent has been described as a master colorist one of the premier abstract artists in the United States. Laurent is proficient...

Simone Leigh Sculptures

Educating children from a young age about the many achievements of Black History and how it has shaped cultures worldwide, provides for...

The Hill We Climb STEM Invitation

There is no denying that Amanda Gorman is the light of the 2021. She is the first ever US youth poet laureate and the youngest poet in...

Color Match Amy Sherald's Art

This invitation to explore encourages and exposes children to several elements of learning. To set this up print out images of Amy...

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