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Reginald Laurent Collage Art

Reginald Laurent has been described as a master colorist one of the premier abstract artists in the United States. Laurent is proficient in several mediums and techniques, but abstracts are his passion. He is a self-taught, award winning Chicago native that has been featured in many exhibits showcasing his vibrant detailed signature style art.

He is an exemplary artist to explore and learn about during #blackhistorymonth since his art has so much purpose. “My art imitates life because it is representative of the diversity and inclusion of every culture, the backbone of what makes the world such an interesting place.”

Since his canvases are filled with bright color and detailed designs that seem to move and dance right in front of your eyes, children are going to be naturally enamored and engaged with his creations. To begin this invitation you can print images of his work or display them on an IPad as a slideshow to inspire the children to create just like Reginald Laurent.

To create a collage you will need construction paper, butcher paper, scissors, glue, and recycled scraps. Cut out similar abstract pieces in various colors, sizes, shapes beforehand. Place either black or white paper as the base and invite the child to collage however they want!

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