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Three Ways to Explore Alma Woodsey Thomas

Alma Woodsey Thomas was an American artist and educator whose exuberant colorful paintings used the techniques of pointillism and abstract expressionism. She became the first African-American woman at the age of 80 to have a solo show at the Whitney Museum of American Art. 

After reading the books  A Blaze with Color: A Story of Painter Alma Thomas and Alma's Art we also looked at printed out images of her creations. To honor her influential work for #blackhistorymonth  we set out three invitations to recreate her art work in order to inspire children to become creative just like Alma.

1.Mix Media Collage: In a tinker tray we provided wooden mosaic squares and cubes, square stickers, tissue paper, glue and canvases. The children were invited to create just like Alma. 

2.Loose Parts on the Light Table: In a tinker tray we provided translucent shapes, acrylic rocks, and a light table. The children were invited to create just like Alma. 

3. 3-D Cardboard Structure: We placed together

rows of rectangular recycled cardboard boxes. Provided tempera paint and brushes. The children were invited to paint just like Alma.  

Here are other ways to explore Alma Woodsey Thomas through invitations:

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