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The Hill We Climb STEM Invitation

There is no denying that Amanda Gorman is the light of the 2021. She is the first ever US youth poet laureate and the youngest poet in U.S. history to recite on Inaguration Day. To honor her beautiful words not only for #BlackHistoryMonth, but for the hope she ignited into our country setting a STEM invitation to build 'The Hill We Climb' is a great way to celebrate the poet.

While you may think exposing or reciting poem with so much depth will go past young children, think again. My favorite children's author and illustrator Christian Robinson has a great video with Amanda Gorman where they talk about what being a poet, author and illustrator means. He expresses that they use creativity through words and pictures to imagine the worlds they want to visualize.

Continuing to teach children the significance of this poem and who Amanda Gorman is will inspire them to be the light. Therefore setting an invitation to build 'the hill' with tree blocks and printing out an image of Amanda (this one is by Christian Robinson) to place on that hill, will instill inspiration in children from a young age. They will be able to build and visualize the world they want us all to live in.

Her first book Change Sings: A Children's Anthem will be released in September.

Christian Robinson has many books, his newest one Milo Imagines the World written by Matt de la Peña.

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