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Art Walk Auction

Throughout the year the Pre-K classes have been creating art for our annual Art Walk Auction. They have explored so many techniques, mediums, processes, textures, & more! This is such a magical and creative event we hold dearly to our program and where we are able to showcase the importance of art in early childhood and throughout their educational journey.

The children created collaborative pieces in many forms that are inspired by many of the famous artists we explore, books we read, & wonders of the world.

Each child from every age group in our centers made their own individual canvases along with trinkets, vases, treasure boxes, and more.

All of the supplies we used were pretty much from Discount School Supply, recyclable materials, and thrifted items that were repurposed!

The proceeds from purchasing the art will benefit the Pre-K Class Legacy Gift that will continue our long tradition of enhancing our centers by getting something that will continue to uphold play, curiosity, and wonder for future generations in our programs. Last year we were able to enhance our library space "In the Library I Had Wings."

Here is last year and the year before blog posts for this event!

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