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Art Walk Silent Auction

For many years the Pre-K class at the three centers I do administration for have raised money to purchase a legacy gift for the school through a bake sale, due to COVID-19 this year we did an Art Walk Silent Auction to continue the tradition. With the money raised we typically buy items that are not within our normal budget (canoe, cascade water table, outdoor art studio, geometric climber dome, etc.)

The whole month of April the teachers, children & myself created all this amazing art. They collaborated together to create pieces as well as individual ones.

Abstract Triangle Blue Collage

Geometric Resist and Print Paintings

Drip Tapestry

Neutrals: Geometric Collage, String Pull Art, Splatter Art

String Painting Coasters

Succulent Drip Pots

Rainbow Swipe, Flower Collage, Sea Glass Collage, Sea Scape Mix Media, and Scraper Art

Henri Matisse Inspired Garden

Hanging Mobiles

Half-Circle Collage

Woven Quilt, Abstract Collage, Drip Painting

Individual Art

So proud of the team for pulling all this off and more importantly all the beautiful work the children all created and to be able to showcase that #everychildisanartist and how important the arts are!

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