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Collaborative Circle Collage

Howardena Pindell is an American painter, filmmaker, and mixed media artist. Her work explores texture, color, structures, and is often political. To honor her work for #BlackHistoryMonth inviting a child(ren) to create a mix media collage of her recurring motif of the circle, is a great way to learn about her art.

The circle goes back to connecting her childhood memories. From hole punched paper, watercolor, gouache, crayon, ink, spray adhesive, and thread, the circles appeared in many of her pieces.

To set this invitation you can place a large piece of recycled cardboard as the canvas and provide a variety of circular materials (dot stickers, tissue paper, coffee filters, cardboard cut outs) tempera paint sticks, and glue. You can print and laminate images of her art work as a provocation to inspire similar techniques while having them explore the detail in her art.

The beauty about collaborative collages are that they build community, foster cooperation, eliminate competition, and it is social!

When children engage in #Processart such as this it allows children to explore freely, be in control of the outcomes creatively, & lets them discover art in their own way. This builds their confidence, fosters their cognitive skills & when they become aware of all the different ways they can do art, make predictions, plan it out/problem solve, everything comes full circle in believing the can create anything!

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