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Invitation to Plant Growth to Dream

Growth all starts with a conversation. Whether you set an invitation to explore, create or play to honor Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr.,they are meaningful ways to be the seeds you plant to work towards growing intentional conversations around a better community.

The more we have those conversations, the more those seeds grow and establish their roots. When we expose children at a young age creatively the meaning about the power of words and the impact they make, the deeper the roots of the seeds you plant spread in all directions to lay strong foundation.

As adults we have the gift of giving our children two gifts: 1)The Roots to Grow 2) The Power to Dream.

Today we decided to honor MLK Jr. with a plant as a symbol of growth for our community.

Check out stories today as I will repost, tag, and share inspiring ways from other amazing accounts to continue the impact MLK has on us up grow and dream.

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