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Invitation to Explore Science

In honor of #BlackHistoryMonth introducing children to the amazing history of the Pioneers of African American Scientists through an invitation to explore science is a great way to learn more about the phenomenal work they have accomplished and still continue to do every day.

To begin this invitation you can print/laminate images of the scientist to discuss who they were and what they discovered. You can also create a slide show or play a video that showcases the scientist as well. Another option is to read a book or simply open up a discussion beforehand to establish a framework of knowledge. After exposing the children to who and what scientists are, you can invite them to safely explore science by becoming one!

Book on the Far Left: The ABCs of Black History

Book in Middle & on the Right: Dream Big, Little One

Simple science staples are: vinegar/lemon + baking soda (you can add dish soap, glitter, liquid water colors to enhance the chemical reaction), mixing oil & liquid water colors, and water + liquid water colors. (Supervision is required at all times.)

When children are freely given the opportunity to experiment cause & effect, they use and discover so much language, figure out why things happen, and cultivate critical thinkers that can problem solve. Science taps into the "whys" of the life which supports their natural

curiosities as they discover the world around them.Science in the early years is all about exploring, asking questions, and curiosity.

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