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Black Is Beautiful

The ABCs of Black History celebrates letter by letter the stories of black culture. Written by poet Rio Cortez and illustrated by Lauren Semmer, this books is an opportunity for children to learn about history to inspire their future big ideas.

To extend the literacy experience through the arts painting with the color black is a great way to express how black is beautiful. This simple yet powerful invitation is often easily overlooked. Just some paper and black coloring materials from Discount School Supply (crayon, marker, oil pastel, tempera stick, paint, & brushes)

Children’s encounters with black are richly nuanced and full of textural depth. Black on paper makes a strong declaration. Black calls attention to lines, to the edges of shapes. The starkness helps us to see deeply. It allows a child to use their imagination and create in an open-ended way. It is emotionally soothing, too.

Creating with black provides a frame through which children can understand color even more and honor how black is beautiful.

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