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Invitation to Paint like Stevie Wonder

To continue learning about National Disabilities Awareness Month, Stevie Wonder is a great musician to explore. His amazing story of being blind shortly after his birth, becoming a child prodigy known as Little Stevie Wonder, and becoming one of the most influential musicians that ever existed. Stevie Wonder was also named the Messenger of Peace by the United Nations which helped improve the lives people with disabilities.

To explore more about Stevie Wonder reading the book Little People, Big Dreams: Stevie Wonder is a great way to learn about his story. Followed by integrating the experience through trusting your creativity process art.

This invitation is set with cutting cardboard in the shape of piano keys, drawing white lines at the natural keys, and black washi tape as the flat keys. Provide tempera paint and a paint brush. You can provide the child with sunglasses, scarf, or blindfold. Whatever they feel comfortable using.

Next you invite the child to paint blindfolded or wearing the sunglasses to explore their senses through their body in order to enhance trusting their creativity. You can also play Stevie Wonder music as you let the child paint. We rely very much on our sight to move around and see things every day. Our eyes are very complex in how they work. This experience puts things into perspective of how it is to paint without using our sense of sight. Which will provide understanding for those who are blind.

This process also lets them freely discover the whole process in order to instill more confidence in their ability to create while heightening their senses. "We all have the ability. The difference is how we use it." Stevie Wonder.

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