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The Old Truck Small World Play

The beauty of thoughtfully curated children's books from a company such as Brownish Books is that they introduce you to books such as The Old Truck. Brownish Books does the research to bring up-to-date inclusive children's books and delivering them to your door.

The Old Truck by Jarret and Jerome Pumphrey is a beautiful book about a young girl who turns her imagination into action. The beautifully illustrated book depicts resilience, diligence, and strength through a timeless journey of truck and a family carrying on its legacy of making dreams come true.

After reading the story you can set up a small world play sensory bin to extend the literacy experience. Small world play is simply when children explore figurines, loose parts, and sensory materials that reenact scenes from nature, books, fairytales, or a subject matter of interest. When small world play is accompanied with sensory materials it enhances comprehension, language, imaginary play, and tactile play.

Through play they can reenact what they see and hear in the story and feel even more empowered to have the ability to make imagination come to life just as the young girl did in the story.

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