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Invitation to Paint the Blues

Ma Rainey, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald are just a few female Black Jazz artist who made music history. To celebrate these pioneers for #BlackHistoryMonthy this invitation to paint the blues is a great away to connect to the arts.

To set this invitation you can print images of the singers, laminate them. Before painting you can open discussion about each singer, what type of music they sang, what instruments were in their music, and how they made a change in music.

Next place different shades of Colorations Tempera Paint, paintbrushes, and butcher paper. You can also print out black and white images of jazz instruments, laminate them, and tape them onto the butcher paper to paint around the silhouettes of the instruments. While they paint you can play all their music to inspire the way they paint.

They paved the way for artists to come by breaking down barriers and making a huge impact to what they contributed through music. This is the perfect time to celebrate their groundbreaking timeless work.

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