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Cardboard Roadway with Magic Drawing Cars

Magic Drawing Cars inspired by Meredith of @homegrownfriends book Art Play! is simply taping on a marker, crayon, chalk, or tempera sticks (which is what we used) to a car and creating a cool new tool to create art with. We set up a whole bunch of different sized recycled cardboard boxes and placed PlayTape Road Tape to create roadways on the boxes.

We invited the children to color the roadways with their magic drawing cars. Cardboard is such a versatile material that provides a great surface to explore. Since it comes in so many different sizes, textures, & shapes it allows the children to explore art in a different medium, use their imagination to think of a range of ways to create and play.

This is such a great mixture of action, process art, and play that truly had the children engaged while using their imagination to the fullest. They were in complete disbelief that their cars were able to color, which led to amazing creative play!

For more amazing ideas by Meredith check out this previous blog post! And for more transportation invitations here are the links:

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