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Art Play!

If you don't already follow @homegrownfriends do it now! Meredith has always been such an inspiration and her newest book Art Play! truly reflects the beauty, passion, and magic in her work.

This book is such an amazing resource filled with creative easy art projects that is great start for any educator or parent who is looking to start implementing #processart. It truly honors the fact that in art there is not right or wrong way and by letting a child explore their creativity it builds their confidence to discover art in their own way.

These are the projects we did!

Bumpy Bubble Print using Colorations Tempera Paint and Paint Brush.

Upside-down Artists using butcher paper and Colorations Tempera Paint Sticks

Magic Drawing Cars using butcher paper and Colorations Markers.

Favorite Color Collage using recycled tops, pom poms, pipe cleaners, feathers, construction paper, wood circles, buttons, and glue.

Scavenger Hunt Sculpture using Colorations play dough, craft sticks, wood circles, and beads.

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