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Invitation to Play with Cars

We have fully entered the stage of car, car, car, car, car alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day long. From the moment he wakes up, the first word out of his mouth is CAR and to say my husband is excited is an understatement because he is a die hard car fanatic. With all the DMs about where everything is from here is a post dedicated to it all.

As mentioned in the previous post about a child showing extreme interest in a subject matter building upon their curiosity honors their learning process and provides for a meaningful experience to guide a child's exploration in something they are interested in.

From baby shower gifts, grandparents passing down family childhood cars, first birthday presents, and now Christmas, we have quite the collection. One tip for getting cars for a good deal is from Facebook Marketplace, Dollar Store, Second Hand Stores, or the Target Dollar Section. During winter break I looked up ways to store cars and found this DIY Car Garage Shelf that I asked my husband to make. You can also purchase it here on ETSY. Below I will link as much as I can underneath each image.

The Round Circular shelves I bought from Homegoods years ago. Here are similar ones.

And lastly here is Cy in action!

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