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Outdoor Art Easel

This wonderful Art Easel #gifted from Discount School Supply allows children to be creative while developing so many important skills in any outdoor space. To set this invitation to paint we placed Colorations® BioColor® Fluorescent Paint in Silicone Mixing Cups and provided Stubby Chubby BrushesCool Designs Foam Rollersand Playful Painting Tool Assortment.

Easel painting whether it is indoors or outdoors, is as important and essential as building, reading books, dramatic play, science, sensory, playing or any other aspect of the foundation's early childhood development. They provide endless rich opportunities to develop so many skills during the most formative years.  

Painting or writing on vertical surfaces, such as an easel will help a child develop the tools they will need later on when learning how to write or draw. When a child paints on a vertical surface, they are naturally encouraged to hold the brush in a more efficient & ergonomically appropriate manner. Standing at an easel is great for upper arm & shoulder strength, which in turn provides the wrist with more stable support. By practicing these movements, children will develop a dynamic tripod grip, which is considered to be the most efficient grip for writing. This grip allows for precise finger movements, which will provide the child with more control & less fatigue/frustration during writing/drawing when they are ready to do so. 

Painting on an easel has a fluidity that is different from other art media. The vertical surfaces help children develop the appropriate amount of writing pressure. When painting on a vertical surface, children must apply more pressure than they would on a horizontal surface, which helps them better calibrate their grip strength & the pressure they need to apply when writing on paper. Overall, vertical surfaces like this easel provide a natural setting for children to improve their pencil grip, which will contribute significantly to their handwriting skills.

Shoulder stability is crucial in their gross motor development as it provides a solid base for the coordinated movements of the arm, forearm, & hand. When it comes to writing or any activity requiring fine motor skills, shoulder stability plays an essential role. When a child paints on an easel, their arm works against gravity. This naturally strengthens the muscles around the shoulder, promoting stability. Over time, these repeated gross motor movements & exposure, can contribute to enhanced shoulder stability which again will contribute to developing their handwriting skills. 

Integrating an easel regularly into a child’s play, art, & environment overall will provide an endless FUN & effective way to enhance overall motor development, all while letting children experiment and be creative through the arts.  

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