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Casa Azul STEM Small World Play on the Light Table

This month we have been learning about the artist Frida Kahlo. We have been looking at her famous self portraits, still life, paintings, & reading many stories about her. In the books about Frida Kahlo we have seen her beautiful and unique blue house "Casa Azul." Frida Kahlo spent most of her life here, and after she passed it became a museum for everyone to see her personal objects, paintings, sculptures, photos, documents, books, & furnishings that was a huge part of what inspired her to create.

While children’s books open children’s eyes to differences, actual experiences have the most profound influence on what children think & believe. The integration of literacy & open ended intentional experiences such as inviting the children to build and create the house strengthens literacy skills, provides a deeper connection to the context, & fosters creative thinking. 

To set this invitation we used blue translucent building materials (Picasso Tiles, 3-D Geometric Shapes, & Interlox Discs), flat marbles, fake cacti/succulents/flowers, animal figurines, Frida Peg Doll, and images of her house. The children were invited to create Frida's blue house on the light table.

Experiences such as this will empower them to be creative and innovative, develop a sense of culture, and become aware of the beauty in the world around them.

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