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3 Ways to do Process Art with Transportation

Little children LOVE all things that go! To continue exploring transportation we invited the children to explore process art with three open ended invitations.

1.Textured Terrain Painting: Vehicles drive on all different kinds of terrains so we place bubble wrap and aluminum foil on the table, provided a tray full of tempera paint, and different forms of transportation and invited the children to paint on all the different textured surfaces!

2. Ramp Race Painting:With recycled packaging we made DIY ramps at different heights, provided metallic paint, some cars, and invited the children to experiment and explore by dipping the cars into the paint and letting the cars race down the ramps.

3.Auto-body Paint Shop:We placed a whole different bunch of different types of transportation and invited the children to paint on them with fluorescent tempera paint.

Painting in any form provides children with an avenue to express their feelings in a visual way, which further helps their social emotional development. The more a child is exposed to different types of art it leads to seeing the world in different ways, becoming more observant, feeling creative and appreciating the different forms of art.

Here are some other ways to explore transportation, stay tuned for more coming your way!

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