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Advocate for the LGBTQ+ Community

What we do as parents and educators matters. Children carry the seeds we plant, the seeds we water, the seeds we tend to, that help them bloom throughout the course of their life. As an adult is our duty to plant the seed of compassion, empathy, and acceptance for all humanity.

If we come together and remember we are doing really important work, teaching the next generation of human beings, we can and will do important things to move forward together and advocate for our ability to stand up for humanity.

Whether you are impacted directly or not, NO CHILD should tolerate hate or ignorance in any form. We must advocate for the humanity of the LGBTQ+ community.

The best way to lay the foundation is through exposure. Below are some LGBTQ+ books, resources and ways to plant the seeds of compassion, empathy, and acceptance in your home or classroom. 1.Invitation to Paint My Rainbow

2. Love Makes a Family

3. Invitation to Create a Pride Flag

4.Love is Love Loose Parts Invitation

5.Invitations to Create Marsha P. Johnson Flower Crowns

6.Keith Haring Love on the Light Table

7.Keith Haring DIY STEM

8.Invitation to Create Julián at the Wedding

9.Invitation to Create Julián Is a Mermaid

Here are two blog posts that expand on this even more Invitation to Live with Intention and Do Better.

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