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Invitation to Create a Pride Flag

To invite children to learn about the true story of the Pride Flag reading the story Pride:The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag is a moving way to share the history of its beginnings. Social activist Harvey Milk and designer Gilbert Baker created the flag in1978 in San Francisco as a symbol of hope and pride for the #LGBTQ community. Harvey Milk was an American political and the first openly gay elected official in history of California who fought for equal rights.

To extend the literacy, inviting the children to create a PRIDE flag is a great way to honor #pridemonth. To set this invitation to recreate a Pride Flag you will need a large piece of fabric as the base. Scraps of fabric in the colors of the rainbow. Fabric tacky glue and paint brushes. Simply invite the children to create a rainbow flag together.

Whether you are an early childhood educator, parent, family member, caregiver, or anyone engaging with children it is necessary to create environments that reflect and support the diversity among us. Inclusive practices are an integral part of teaching children to be proud of themselves and their families, as well as educating those around us to be more understanding and tolerant. Children need to know that their families matter both in and outside of their homes, no matter what the family dynamic consists of. Planned Parenthood says, "the knowledge and respect that you foster when you have these conversations helps create a safer, more inclusive community for everyone." Reading books and integrating it with a hands on experience will further help lay the foundation for a better future.

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