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Love is Love Loose Parts Invitation

Love Is Love: An Important LGBTQ Pride Book for Kids About Gay Parents and Diverse Families written by Michael Genhart, illustrated by Ken Min. To open the dialogue for Pride Month for children about the importance of love and acceptance. The story shows that families gay, straight, and everything in between are all normal and it is love that makes a family.

In the story there is a beautiful heart and what inspired the extension of this literacy experience is to recreate love rainbows with various loose parts.

To set this invitation you will need recycled cardboard cutouts of hearts to be the base where the child can create rainbow filled hearts with loose parts. Since loose parts are dynamic in nature, it brings about authenticity of formulating ideas. They are adaptable to so many aspects of learning and provide more variables, possibilities, and creativity. The rainbow loose parts set here are translucent shapes, pom poms, recycled pouch caps, dyed wood bits, and ice rocks.

Simply invite the child to create love in many different rainbow textures and colors to extend the literacy throw loose parts play. Through this hands on experience it will open dialogue even more about the book, connect how love comes in different forms, and that love is love.

“Love is the same. Wherever you live. Whoever you are. And whomever you love. Love is Love.”

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