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Keith Haring Love

Keith Haring was a popular artist and activist during the 1980s. Much of his work responded to social and political events. As an openly gay artist he represented a lot of what the LGBTQ community went through. He loved working with children, admiring their imagination, and encouraged them to collaboratively create art.

Haring developed an eye catching distinct pop-graffiti aesthetic with fluid and bold outlines. His art with hearts showed up in many of his paintings as he often repeated symbols. He believed in the power of love so the hearts and human figures portrayed his optimistic beliefs in humanity.

This invitation to explore his art through loose parts on the light table is a greater way to expose a child to such an influential artist. You can take laminating sheets and draw outlines of his art work. Place the sheet on the light table and provide flat marbles and translucent craft tiles.

After his diagnosis, Haring set up The Keith Haring Foundation, to provide funding and support to AIDS research, charities and education.

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