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Keith Haring DIY STEM

Keith Haring was a popular artist and activist during the 1980s. Much of his work responded to social and political events. As an openly gay artist he represented a lot of what the LGBTQ community went through. He loved working with children, admiring their imagination, and encouraged them to collaboratively create art. Haring developed an eye catching distinct pop-graffiti aesthetic with fluid and bold outlines. His art often showed symbols of the power of love, social and political rights, animals, and human figures. His art portrayed his optimistic beliefs in humanity. After his diagnosis, Haring set up The Keith Haring Foundation, to provide funding and support to AIDS research, charities and education.

To honor him during #pridemonth this DIY STEM invitation is a great way to showcase him a significant figure in the #LGBTQ community and his powerful art. You can read the books Drawing on the Walls and The Boy Who Kept Drawing to learn more about him, followed by this invitation. For this invitation you will need recycled boxes, tubes, and containers. Wrap it with butcher paper to make it a blank canvas for your DIY blocks. You can either draw his art on the blocks or invite the child to cover the blocks with Haring stickers. After they have completed creating their DIY Keith Haring Blocks invite them to create.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. With this STEM invitation the child is able to test how to build a structure through a lot of a trial and error, to test the right amount of pieces, to create a solid base, and attain basic engineering skills through using their fine motor skills. Building structures, whatever they may be, is an amazing way for a child to learn through play.

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