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Whatsit Light Table Exploration

Ever since we added the #gifted Whatsit to our playroom, the possibilities have been endless. With the ability to be rearranged in so many different ways, it provides for boosting a child's imagination as well as enhancing their cognitive and gross motor skills by building a fort, tunnel, boat, car, castle, obstacle course, or book nook. It can also be utilized it to wind down as a comfy spot to relax, read, nap, and regroup. Now thanks to Discount School Supply we have used the What's It to create another inviting play space such as exploring on a light table.

We set up two invitations on the #gifted Excellerations® Large Sleek Light Panel.

1) Exploring Sensory Liquid Shapes

2) Building with Linking Discs.

Light tables provide for an excellent resource for sensory input. Children are often calmed by the glow of the table and the visual stimulation enhances their experience as they explore. Light and colors are all around us and from birth and children pay a great deal of attention to them due to its ever evolving magical nature. The presence of light and color instantly makes a child curious and deeply engaged whether they are chasing a shadow, using a flash light, exploring materials, building, and so on, due to the fact that they are always drawn to light.

When children are left to explore, build, play in an inviting space, they are engaged and intrigued by the many interesting possibilities with the materials.Through playing and exploring open ended materials, they are able to explore a whole range of theories and enhance so much of their development and understanding of the world. They are fascinated and deeply engaged/enamored by the interplay of the materials, lights, colors, and textures.

Check out all the wonderful ways we've played with the Whats It: Double the Whatsit Fun, Santa's WhatsIt Workshop Wrapping Station, & Invitation to Create with the Whatsit.

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