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Invitation to Create with the Whatsit

Have you seen the new products at @discountschoolsupply? They have so many new and innovative products such as the Children's Factory Whatsit. #gifted

This is perfect for any playroom or classroom that lets a child creatively use it as a fort, tunnel, boat, car, castle, obstacle course, read a book, or simply relax. The possibilities are endless.

With the ability to be rearranged in so many different ways, it provides for boosting a child's imagination as well as enhancing their cognitive and gross motor skills while building. With all that brain boosting play they can also utilize wind down and use it as a comfy spot to relax, read, nap, and regroup.

The material is durable, stain-repellant and easy to clean. The covers can be unzipped and placed in a washing machine. The best part is that is can be moved and stored in so many different ways without taking up a lot of space.

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