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Double the Whatsit Fun

SNEAK PEEK ALERT! How beautiful is this new Children’s Factory Taupe Whatsit color that is coming soon?! This versatile color will be available in July on Amazon. (Will Link Soon!)

Ever since we got our Gray Whatsit, it has been a staple in our playroom. The possibilities have gotten greater now with the addition of the Taupe set. With the ability to be rearranged in so many different ways, it provides for boosting a child's imagination as well as enhancing their cognitive and gross motor skills building a fort, tunnel, boat, car, castle, obstacle course, or book nook. After all that brain boosting play they can also utilize it to wind down and use it as a comfy spot to relax, read, nap, and regroup.

The material is durable, stain-repellant and easy to clean. The covers can be unzipped and placed in a washing machine. The best part is that is can be moved and stored in so many different ways without taking up a lot of space.

To get a discount on the Gray Whatsit now on Amazon use code 10offwhatsit at check out.

*** about $30 dollars off

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