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Two Infinity and Beyond

This past week my youngest son celebrated his second birthday! Since he looks up to his big brother so much, he has recently become completely enamored with "Big Buzz" from the movie Lightyear.  

Main Table: With a galaxy table cloth, we reused our cake stands from the past couple of years to display cupcakes and figurines that were from his brother's Lightyear collection. The stunning balloon stacks are from @partygirlcompany. 

Now for the fun part! The invitation stations. 

T'Kani Prime Small World Play: Somewhere in uncharted space, 4.2 million light-years from Earth, and SC-01-class Exploration Vessel named "Turnip", its crew arrived and landed on the planet T'Kani Prime. In a tuff tray to recreate T'Kani Prime I placed kinetic sand, real and plastic rocks, fake vines, trees, lightyear figurines, spaceships/vehicles.  

Hyperspeed Crystal Station: Buzz Lightyear manages to create this crystalline fuel with the help of his robot cat Sox. The crystal is the only way to reach hyperspeed and leave the planet, which is Buzz's mission. In the water table I placed sensory bottles, plastic test tubes, crystals, acrylic rocks, water, twisty droppers, and liquid watercolors. The children were invited to create their own crystalline fuel. 

Lightyear Galaxy Slime: Since Buzz is jetting in and out of the galaxy, I set up a slime station to explore the galaxy and planets. I set up galaxy slime, planets, fine motor clampers, and this dish dividing racks which are perfect for exploring the viscosity of slime. 

Star Command SpaceShip Station: There are several spaceships Buzz uses in the movie. In a tuff tray I provided wooden rockets for the children to paint with Metallic Bio Color Paint and Paint Brushes. 

Past Birthday Celebrations: 

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