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Smash and Crash it’s Cyrus’ Monster Truck Bash

Finally getting around to getting into the details of Cy’s 3rd birthday party from a couple weeks ago. Last year we did a race car Two Fast, themed birthday and while he is still 100% enamored by all things cars, he has become obsessed with all things monster trucks.

The back drop was created by my husband and myself with plywood, spray paint, acrylic paint, recycled cardboard,@happilyeveretched name that we have used since his baby shower, monster truck wooden cut outs, and roadway tape.

This area was the El Toro Loco Cake Smash Arena. Ordered Susie Cakes because they deliver! Smashed up some Oreos, placed and monster truck and some cone candles.

The tables had geometric vase centerpieces filled with rocks and monster trucks. Checkered table runners, cones + flags, and tire vases.

Now for the fun part! The sensory stations.

Graveyard Arena:

Tuff Tray, Kidfetti, Gravey Digger/Bone Shaker/Son-uva Digger Monster Trucks, Rocks, Skeletons, Glow and the Dark Epic Loop, Official Champ Ramp , Mini Cones, Mini Barrels, Crushable Cars.

Megladon Carwash:

Sensory Bin, Kiddie Pool, Water Beads, Sharks, Megladon Monster Trucks, Megladon Car Wash, Water, Funnels.

Earth Shaker Dig: Pit

Rocky area, large outdoor loose parts, ramps, gutters, construction toys, cones, and outdoor play digger.

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