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Iridescent Mirror Exploration

Developing Minds shared these magical Menudas Piezas Iridescent Pieces and I was in complete awe. Eternally grateful that Mariana shipped them to me to create this iridescent mirror exploration invitation. To set this up you will need an acrylic mirror as the base, Iridescent Pieces, Iridescent Twirlers, Iridescent Shelves, and Iridescent Cellophane. Simply invite the child(ren) to explore the light, colors, and reflection through opened ended play.

With infinite construction possibilities, you will see a child's curiosity, wonder, and creativity ignite as they play. With these small rainbows in their hands, the materials reflections and colors change as light hits them. When children are left to explore light, colors, and reflection, they are intrigued by the many interesting outcomes with the materials.

Through playing with light and reflection from infancy throughout early childhood, they are able to explore a whole range of theories and enhance so much of their development. They are fascinated and deeply engaged by the interplay of the shapes, patterns, shadows, effects, spacing, imagery, light, sizes, and colors. Let the magic of light and reflection continue to enamor the child!

This is yet another invitation that is inspired from taking Dr. Louisa Penfold's Light, Shadow, & Reflection workshop. It has continued to ignite new open ended play invitations that explore light, shadow and reflection. Here are the previous posts where we explored Rainbows, STEM, and Cellophane, Flashlight STEM Light & Shadow Play, through light, shadow, and reflection.

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