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Rainbow Light, Shadow, & Reflection

Finally got around to take Dr. Louisa Penfold’s Light, Shadow, & Reflection workshop. It was a much needed inspiration and I can’t recommend it enough.

The beauty of exploring light, shadow, and reflection is that infants to school age children can engage in a myriad of creative ways. From infancy these three components always fascinate any child and it carries throughout their childhood. They are always enamored with the wondrous world of illumination as it is something that they are naturally drawn to, always provides limitless opportunities, and ignites their curiosity/creativity. Through playing with light, reflection, and shadow, children are exploring and engaging in a whole range of theories.

As an adult, when setting up these types of exploration we are simply intentionally selecting a wide range of materials that set conditions for supporting the creativity of a child and facilitate opened play. Therefore you can use recycled materials, cookware, art supplies, fabric, mirrors, flashlights, and more to provide endless opportunities of wonder.

With this light, shadow and reflection exploration I set our mirrored objects and rainbow colors. Stay tuned for more variations in the upcoming weeks!

Here are the list of items:

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