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Cellophane Light, Shadow, & Color Exploration

Back again with an inspired light, shadow, & color exploration! Came across the magical artist educators Leap then Look on Instagram from Louisa Penfold’s stories a couple weeks ago. Their post where they explore light and shadows with cellophane, cups, water, and paper instantly ignited to this!

Cellophane is a material that can be used in process art, science, STEAM, sensory, and open ended play. The best part of cellophane is that it is such an ideal way to let young children explore color through light and shadow play.

To set this invitation place a white poster board as the base near a window, door, or outside where the natural light will play with the materials. Provide cups, water, and different colored cellophane. I added cds, disco balls, and rainbow twirler sticks for more play on light. Let the child explore by creating and building with the materials. As they maneuver and build in different directions and combinations, the colorful shadows and structures change into different shapes and colors.

Letting young children explore light and shadows through cellophane is such a great open ended way to explore color. Hands-on invitations such this is truly tangible to young children. The concepts about the science of light and color can be complex, yet this invitation takes an abstract concept and makes it concrete and accessible to children who are naturally enamored and interested by light, shadows, and colors.

After taking Dr. Louisa Penfold’s Light, Shadow, & Reflection workshop it has continued to ignite inspiration for new open ended play invitations. Last time we explored Rainbows and exploring light and shadow play with transparent and translucent materials.

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