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Small World Play: Hormuz Rainbow Island In Iran

Continuing to explore the country of Iran with my children is truly an incredible to experience to provide. While I have created many invitations about Nowruz, I felt a pull to explore other aspects of the country. In Iran's Persian Gulf an otherworldly island of intrigue Hormuz, also referred to as Rainbow Island, is a technicolor dreamscape of captivating colors and curiosities.

To create a small world play of Hormuz is a great way to learn about the unbelievable island through hands on sensory exploration. Before setting the small world play, you can talk about the amazing aspects of the island, watch a video exploring the island, or simple print out images of the landscape too look at. In tuff tray provide sand, flat marbles, and loose parts. Simply let the children explore all the materials and learn about the unique place!

Here are some fun facts about the island. The most shocking aspect of the island is the coloring is the red that encapsulates many parts of landscape. The cause of this is due to high concentration of iron oxide. The red soil has been used as a key contributor to various production processes, such as dyeing: fabrics & ceramics, food colorings, & even cosmetics. The red coloring is not the only shocking part of the landscape. Within the geological structure there are a variety of elements in play such as: volcanic ash, salt, clay, and shale which makes for all of the beautiful colors.

One of the other fascinating aspects of the island is the ‘Presence in Hormuz’ by ZAV Architects, who constructed a series of multipurpose urban developments in the village. The various colors of the domes mimic the hues of the island soil. Can't wait to explore and learn more about Iran in so many new ways.

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