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NYE Fireworks Glitter/Confetti Potions

This science experiment is to recreate the New Years tradition of glitter/confetti and fireworks. Since children are fueled by curiosity, science is always a wonderful way to encourage exploring, discovering, and observing. Science is all about making inquiry based observations and figuring out how things work. Simple, hands-on experiments such as these are great ways to honor a child's curiosity while ringing in the New Year.

This invitation is your traditional baking soda and vinegar science activity with a creative New Year twist. You will need baking soda, dish soap, glitter/confetti, liquid watercolors, vinegar, Learning Resources jumbo plastic droppers, Colored Plastic Potion Bottles 6 pcs, Clear Plastic Potion Bottles 6 pcs, all placed in a tuff tray/sensory bin. 

Place a base of baking soda, dish soap, glitter/confetti into the containers. Place liquid watercolors and vinegar into cups and provide droppers. Invite the child to explore and create fizzing sparkly potions. Through this process they learn about color recognition, cause and effect, chemical reactions, and scientific theory all through open-ended inquiry based learning. 

Here are more ways to explore NYE:

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