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NYE Fine Motor Ball Drop

Celebrate ringing in the New Year with this fine motor ball drop invitation! Place different sized containers, these are learning resources graduated beakerscylindershandy scoopers, Colorations® Rainbow Striped Pom-Poms, and disco balls all on a tuff tray or in a sensory bin. 

Invite the child(ren) to scoop/pick up the pom poms/disco balls & transfer them into the different sized containers. 

As they transfer the pom poms/disco balls with the handy scoopers, it provides opportunities for the refinement of hand-eye coordination and fine motor control. It allows a subtle and indirect preparation for writing by gently encouraging the hand to curl into the 'pincer grip' used for writing. Working with fine motor tools provides an engaging exercise which captures a child's attention and promotes attention to detail and sustained concentration. Transferring the pom poms/disco balls requires precise movement and helps in hand-eye coordination.

Through hands-on learning they are developing and enhancing multiple layers of skill sets that will provide the stimulus children need to confidently continue to ignite their curiosity through their learning journey.

Here are more ways to explore NYE:

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