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Invitation to Paint a Quilt

This whole month Developing Minds and I have been showcasing how to integrate Literacy Invitations through play. This invitation to paint integrates a the story through process art. We have one more Monday this month, so join in on the fun by choosing a story and a creative way to make the story come to life through invitations.

This invitation is connected to the story My Grandma and Me, by Mina Javaherbin(Author), Lindsey Yankey(Illustrator). In the true story about an Iranian grandma and her granddaughter celebrates the moments of love, humanity, friendship, and family that create life long memories. This story reminded me so much of my relationship that I have been lucky enough to have of my own Mamani. The beautiful images resonate so much with my childhood that it filled my heart to read this with my son.

To extend this literacy experience I cut out recycled cardboard into different sized rectangles, drew outlines of Iranian quilt prints similar to that of the story, and Colorations Tempera paint. Simply invite the child to paint the textiles to recreate the beautiful quilts through process art.

Integrating art to deepen the connection with the literacy experience is a great way to continue to the discussion of the book as well as giving the child the freedom to be creative. Creativity is as important as literacy so when the two come together it grows their imagination on a canvas. #everychildisanartist #literacymatters

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