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Words and Your Heart

Words and Your Heart by Katy Jane Neal is book about how your heart makes you and the power of words.

This book is the perfect opportunity to continue or begin laying the foundation of how words have the power to harm and heal, create and destroy or they can do amazing things and spread LOVE. Words are important and this story shows children they have the power to make the world a better place.

Books are such amazing inspirations to create invitations. To extend this literacy experience, a STEAM heart sculpture seemed to be so fitting with Valentine’s Day just around the corner.

Two previous invitations combined inspired this heart sculpture 1) Paper Tube Sculptures and 2) Cardboard Shape Collage. All you need is recycled cardboard, hot glue gun, tempera paint and paint brushes. Cut out various sizes of hearts, hot glue them into a abstract structure, and let them paint.

Children really enjoy unusual painting surfaces. They have to be even more mindful and strategic with how they paint since it is a different element than what they are used to. They observe more, they do more, they learn more. Process art allows children to explore freely and be in control of the outcomes creatively. Letting a discover art in their own way builds their confidence, fosters their cognitive skills when they become aware of all the different ways to do art, make predictions and plan it out and problem solve. Just as their words can spread love so can their art!.

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