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Winter Sleep Hibernation STEM Building

Hibernation is one of the most interesting aspects certain creatures do to survive the cold, dark winters to turn down their metabolism, save energy and also not having to forage for food or migrate to somewhere warmer.

The book Winter Sleep follows a child and their grandma explore how the earth goes to sleep for the winter. The tale unfolds the different habit of many sleeping animals create snow blankets with trees, twigs, leaves, rocks, moss, and more. Through the illustrations you can see what goes on underground, understand more facts for each animal, and expand the knowledge of the natural world.

A great way to extend the literacy experience is providing a STEM building experience where a child can great a winter sleep environment with loose parts, foraged nature, play dough, hibernating creature figurines, bottle brush trees, tree blocks, on a bed of insta snow in a tuff tray. Simply invite the child to create and build a bed for all of the creatures in the book to get some winter sleep!

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