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The Witches' Kitchen

There are so many wondrous spooktacular takes on creating potions, brews, and concoctions during this time of year. The magic of Halloween is brewing and if you have the space for a mud kitchen, tuff tray, water table, sensory bin, bath tub, or outdoor play space to invite the children to let their imaginations run wild to create just like witches. We did two ways of creating in the Witches' Kitchen!

1. Bubbly Potions & Concoctions: In the front half of our Tuff Tray there are cauldrons, beakers, cylinders, pitchers, and cups. At the base of some containers is baking soda & dish soap. In some of the containers is vinegar mixed with liquid watercolors. Children were invited to experiment and explore how to make their own bubbly potions.

2. Witches Brew: In our Grow Wild Co. Mud Kitchen has oodles of Halloween loose parts (spiders, skulls, snakes, bats, eye balls, bones, fingers), cups, pots, cauldrons, utensils, colored water, and more. Children were invited to mix, stir, pour to create their own witches brew.

Whether you celebrate holidays or not, the magic can ignite so much amazing & engaging play that is exciting to the child's world.

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