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STEM Sink or Float Two Ways

This timeless STEM invitation is a low-prep invitation with so much learning packed all together. To set this invitation you can do it indoors or outside in a sensory bin, bucket, bowl, water table, sink or the bathtub with the Learning STEM Sink or Float Activity Set.

Sensory Bin


Since children are natural born scientists, STEM experiments such as this teach young children physics as they explore density and buoyancy through making predications and observations as they play. As they drop each object in the water they will see which objects will float (buoyant), and which will sink (dense).

Sensory Bin

Guiding and providing children with experiences such as these will help children devise their own ideas about physical properties, how they can be used to describe and categorize objects, observe how things work, and become even more intrigued with how the world works. Children learn by doing, and the more they are able to tinker and experiment with tools through play, the more they become observant and aware of how the world works.

Bath Tub

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