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STEM: Disability Awareness Month

March is National Disabilities Awareness Month which highlights the many ways in which people with or without disabilities come together to form strong, diverse communities. Providing children the foundation of understanding, encouragement, and opportunities to be knowledgeable of persons with disabilities from a young age creates awareness about inclusion.

To provide a meaningful and mindful way to teach children about people in all facets of a life reading the stories All Are Welcome and You are Enough are amazing books that include an array of people in our communities. Stories such as these provoke discussion of awareness and can be the greatest tool to understanding one another. They can also help children cope, connect with characters are same or different, and learn to be more inclusive.

This invitation to build an inclusive community is a great way to extend the literacy connection. To set this invitation you will need blocks, inclusive figurines, and ramps.

Through builiding a community that is accesible for all it will help children understand and appreciate diifferent abilities while becoming more mindful as they create an environment ofr their community.

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