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Small World Play: Little Penguins

ChristIan Robinson is hands down my all time favorite illustrator for children‘s books. In the book Little Penguins written by Cynthia Rylant which he illustrated, is wintry about five little Penguins on a snowy day.

To extend the literacy experience created a small world invitation to explore, deepen the connection in many ways. Books related to the explorations are motivating and appealing to children. Even more information can be gained from these books in context of a story when they are able to see it come to life.

To set this invitation, take a serving tray, baking tray, plastic storage box or sensory bin and place insta snow. Provide flat marbles, igloo structure and paint wooden dolls black. You can create some of the other images with cardboard.

Small world play is simply when you set an invitation to explore where children use items to engage in scenes from their own experiences, environments, books, pictures, fairytales, or to expose them to new ones. Small worlds are great for many areas of development, including language, imaginary play, and sensory play. This type of play can be defined as where children accept and assign roles, and then act them out.

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