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Recycled Caps Holiday Decor + Gifts

If you don’t save pouch tops already start doing them now! They are such versatile and colorful recycled items that can be reused for process art, loose parts play, creating and tinkering. For this invitation to create it will specifically focus on threading the caps to create holiday garlands/wreaths or making gifts such as a mobile or jewelry.

When a child threads objects they are practicing using their fine motor pincer grasp in order to manipulate the caps. They enhance their fine motor skills by building hand muscles and dexterity which are essential for a proper pencil grasp. Their hand-eye coordination is enhanced while being able to line up the holes on the caps with the string. Color recognition and visual discrimination are enhanced when the children are recognizing the differences in the colors, putting the caps in groups, creating patterns, or sorting them.

With just string and bottle caps the possibiltles of creating unique holiday decor and gifts are endless.



Garlands & Wreath:

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