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Pumpkin Gravity Water Play

Exploring gravity for young children is such an enticing process for young children. It is one of the foundational cause-and-effect sequences that infants as young as 2 months old already have basic knowledge of "intuitive physics," researchers report. As a child develops, their knowledge is refined by experimenting and exploring and that eventually will lead them to understand the concept of gravity. It is something that they do over and over in so many different ways.

In this invitation we provided pumpkins, pitchers, water, on our Lakeshore Learning Watch it Flow Water Table where the children were invited to explore the magic of gravity & water play with pumpkins going wild while they are rolling, falling, dropping, and plopping.

The children observed that some pumpkins moved faster than others because of the size or shape of the pumpkins. With the added flow of water, it made the pumpkins roll faster from the top of the table to the bottom. They observed that filling a container with water and emptying it into the table shows how liquids are affected by gravity. They also collaborated with one other to defy gravity!

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