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Pom Pom Drop

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Simple STEM challenges that are quick and easy such as this invitation can help a child develop fine motor skills, gain an understanding of cause & effect, design plus test their own drop, & explore concept of gravity.

To set up this activity you will need paper tubes, pom poms, tape, poster board/cardboard/wall or window, and a sensory bin /bowl/or Tupperware to catch the pom poms. For younger children you will have to set this up before hand, if they are old enough to do so themselves it is a great way to problem solve and build.

Depending on your child’s fine motor skills you can also add handy scoopers, tweezers, or tongs as a tool to pick up the pom poms. My son (13 Months) simply used his hands.

All children are different, develop at different rates, so give it a go and invite your child to explore and create a pom pom drop!

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