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Play Summit Workshop

This past weekend I was lucky enough to reignite my passion for conducting a weekend workshop for all three of our centers teachers. Between getting my Masters in ECE @ CSUEB, getting married, having two children, and the pandemic, it has been almost four years since I have been able to create one for my team. It was the best feeling to finally get everyone together in one space and be able to enhance our program through digging deeper on the importance of play and how to intentionally set up invitations to ignite children's curiosity + wonder to create a love for learning through open ended play.

This year was even more special since Discount School Supply sponsored the majority of the materials that were used as a part of the training and then gifted to each classroom at all three of our centers. We are eternally grateful for having such an amazing partnership with a company that truly gives back to the early childhood education field.

The workshop consisted of exploring Symbols (Letters, Numbers, Shapes), STEM, Sensory + Loose Parts Play, Process Art, & Light/Shadow/Reflection. Each table was set up with invitations that could be applied to all the age ranges we provide care for in our centers (6weeks-5 years).

Below I will break down each invitation and link all the products:

Symbols (Letters, Numbers, Shapes)


-Tempera Sticks

-Spectacular Sand

-Wooden Letters Symbol Prompts


-Poster Board

-Liquid Letters

-Prewriting Sand & Light Table Tray


-Light Table

-Tempera Sticks

-Slimy Sand

-Wooden # Symbol Prompts

-Poster Board

-Liquid Numbers

-Number Peg Boards + Natural


-Translucent Shapes

-Tempera Sticks

-Translucent Shapes

-Slimy Sand

-Sensory Geometric Shapes

-Poster Board



-Translucent Pebbles

-Translucent Stacking Cubes

-Tinker Tray

-Clear Place Mats

-Tempera Sticks

-Poster Board


Translucent STEM Exploration on the Light Table

-Colored Cups

-Colored Tubes

-Colored Ping Pong Balls

-Shot Glasses

-Light Table

Explore and Create Insects

-Bug X-Rays and Photo Cards

-Rainbow Pebbles

-Tinker Trays (Thrifted)

-Pinecones (Foraged)

-Insect Figurines

Build A Jungle

-Tree Blocks

-Reusable Leaves

-Photo Blocks of Jungle Animals

Around the World People and Landmarks

-Photo Block Play People & Landmarks

-Picasso Tiles

-Landmark Figurines

-Landmark Images (Printed and Laminated)

Sensory + Loose Parts Play

Dino Small World Play

-Tuff Tray

-Rustic Bowls

-Rustic Pourers

-Jumbo Dino

-Dino Foot Prints



-Wood Rounds

Georgia O'keeffe Snail Loose Parts

-Tinker Tray

-Place Mats

-Sea Shells

-Flat Marbles Red + Tan

-Snail Shells

Insta Snow Sensory Bin

-Twisty Droppers

-Liquid Water Colors

-Insta Snow


Spring Flower Measuring with Loose Parts

-Tinker Tray

-Flat Marbles

-Speing Buttons


-Place Mats

Process Art

Still Life Spring Flowers

- Round Paint Palettes

-Construction Paper

-Vases (Thrifted)

-Paint Swatches (Paint Store)

-Paint Cups

-Paint Brushes

-Acrylic Mirror

Abstract Painting

-Water Color Palettes

-Black Glue

-Window Cleaners

-Construction Paper

Textured Recycled Box Painting

-Metallic Bio Colors

-No Spill Paint Cups

-Butcher Paper

-Aluminum Foil

-Bubble Wrap (Recycled Packaging)

-Boxes (Recycled)

-Paint Tool Kit

Abstract 3-D Assemblage Art

-Butcher Paper

-Fluorescent Neon Tempera Paint

-Paint Brushes

-Makedo Cutters

-Hot Glue Gun & Sticks

-3-D Structure (Recycled Cardboard)

-No Spill Paint Cups


Texture Reflection Exploration


-Sensory Balls

-Large Slinkies

-LED lights


-Acrylic Mirrors

-Flash Lights

Stacking Mirror and Reflection Exploration

-Disco Balls

-Clear Cups

-Recycled Paper Tubes

-Marvelous Metallic Silver Boulder Bricks

Dino Light & Shadow Play

-Mini Flash Lights




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