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Piet Mondrian 3-D Abstract Art

Piet Mondrian is one of our artists of the month. He was a Dutch painter and his style consisted of geometric shapes and primary colors. He believed every shape can be created from the basic geometric shapes and every color can be created from the primaries - red, yellow and blue. We have been reading books about him, looking at his actual artwork, and creating our own renditions of his art.

Today the children were invited to learn about patterns, primary colors that yield other colors when mixed, and learning about quadrilateral figures. We wrapped recycled cardboard boxes with butcher paper, and placed black electric tape to create his quadrilateral figures. Primary color Colorations® Tempera Paint placed in paint cubs with paint brushes from Discount School Supply. The children were invited to paint!

Painting invitations such as this opens a child's mind to the many ways of creating art. When children learn about diverse types of art the more well rounded and creative they become. Art is a fundamental component of early childhood education therefore continuous exposure leads to seeing the world in different ways and learning about all the beautiful forms of art. Opportunities for creativity reinforces the children's ability to engage with the world in new and novel ways, which promotes inquiry, reflection and critical-thinking skills.

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