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Outdoor Interactive Painting Gallery

Outdoor Interactive Painting Gallery// Two years ago we opened our outdoor interactive painting gallery, it was finally time for a magical upgrade!

Since a lot of our time is spent outdoors, creating an outdoor interactive painting gallery was the perfect solution to create a permanent art space where children could freely paint everyday on sculptures, canvases, statues, textures, figurines and more.

We built a U-Shape Gallery to place frames, canvases, and wall decor along with mounting outdoor garden sculptures/statues/figurines. We provided Discount School Supply paint, paint cups, and paintbrushes and invited the children to paint.

"Your children are not a masterpiece that you create. They are their own masterpiece creating themselves, and you have been given the privilege of watching them be the artist."J Warren Welch.

As educators, to see the evolution of a child fostering their own curiosity, making choices independently, and having the confidence and independence to become their own masterpieces is truly magical. Process art experiences such as these not only support their intrinsic form of creativity it validates their ideas and work. From all developmental aspects of a child when we let children learn to make their own decisions, solve their own problems, create so freely they feel empowered + confident, and ultimately we have truly honored that "they are their own masterpiece creating themselves."

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